Facts for your hardwood flooring consideration

When choosing a floor covering for its great lifespan, hardwood flooring is nearly unrivaled, offering over 100 years in the solid variety and up to 30 with engineered materials. They are excellent choices for personalized visuals for great décor matching and give you trustworthy durability, even in busy rooms. But we would like to tell you even more about these materials, so you will know what your options are.

Which wood floors are suitable for your home?

Solid wood floors are one of the most popular options in this product line, offering the most extended lifespan, extensive durability, and the option to refinish the wood several times once wear begins to show. But it also provides many visual personalization choices that could match any décor, keeping you current for decades to come. It adds significant value to your home that not only serves you well but can offer a return should you decide to sell.

Engineered hardwood flooring is just as “real” as the solid product but is created with a veneer of solid wood atop layers of plywood, laid perpendicularly to one another. It offers extensive stability, performance, and many of the same personalization options, including your choice of species, stain, and finish. It even provides the opportunity for basement installation, where solid wood installation is not feasible.

It is important to remember that these products must be acclimated before installation. The installation process itself is also time-consuming due to the required precision along the way. If you would like all the details for the material you choose for your home, be sure to stop by and speak with a flooring professional today.

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